Enabling express logistics through electric, autonomous cargo aircraft.

Demand for express shipments is rapidly increasing in the mid mile sector
  • Just-in-time manufacturing requires expedited delivery of parts to keep up with demand and inventories low
  • Delivery into distribution centers is the bottleneck for fast on-demand delivery to consumers
  • Time advantages gained by air freight are lost by inefficient transportation off the airport 

Ground transportation can't meet the demand

  • Year over year on-time percentages keep falling

  • The environmental impact of ground transportation is larger than any other single industry in the US

  • Ground transportation is either efficient, low cost, and slow or fast and very costly 


The Amelia AM-1 UAV

An aerial cargo​ delivery system with the performance of a helicopter, at the cost and simplicity of operating a van.

Designed around the pallet with a 24/7 concept of operations

The                             Team

Co-Founder and CTO

Co-Founder and CE

Co-Founder and CEO


15+ years Executive Leadership in Sales & Marketing at startups and Fortune 500

10+ years of experience developing electric aircraft and cargo drones for Airbus, Boeing and others.

6+ years developing and architecting transportation software for startups and NASA

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